ACCA SriLanka’s Escape the Challenge 2021 was the proud recipient that clinched the gold award at SLIM DIGIS 2.2 for the best digital marketing campaign under the category of Education, Training Services, Healthcare Services, Hospitals, Construction & Real Estate and the CSR sectors.

ACCA as a forward-thinking accounting body has always been at the forefront in creating change, developing new innovations and game-changing policies for the finance industry and have been instrumental in playing an integral role in mobilizing people to persistently work for a more sustainable future.


The “Escape the Challenge”, platform based virtual competition and campaign was another innovative move by ACCA, that was aimed at helping to upskill and foster young talent to meet the greater need for innovation required by today’s organizations.

In 2021, over 100 schools took part in this virtual competition through a digital platform. With ACCA’s commitment to the UN sustainable development goals, this year’s competition focused on themes such as, offering access to a quality finance and accountancy education free from artificial barriers, committing to ‘net zero’ carbon emissions by 2030, and working in partnership to build an inclusive global profession that supports the development of ethical, sustainable and successful businesses and economies. The competition stemmed on participants understanding the problem presented in the sustainability landscape, and in how to use best practices and practical solutions to meet these needs and challenges.

Outlining her thoughts on the award, Nilusha Ranasinghe, Head of South Asia for ACCA stated “Our strategy to 2025 sets out our vision to be #1 in developing the accountancy profession the world needs. To deliver the strategy, all our insight and analysis points to three capabilities: partners, talent and digital. Improving our digital capabilities is essential to every part of our transformation journey. We want to completely transform the experience of our customers, giving them simple, effortless and highly effective interactions with ACCA. Further, it is important that our Next Generation be active architects in the Sustainable Development Goals and continue to be engaged in the frameworks and processes that support its implementation. This award therefore is a true reflection of the values that ACCA stands for and we will continue our efforts in generating the positive momentum that is needed to drive the whole industry forward towards its environmental goals.”

Mahendrika Wijayasooriya, Marketing Campaign Manager for ACCA added “the Covid crisis presented many challenges to our ways of working. However, it also made us think out of the box to overcome these challenges. Escape the challenge, virtual school outreach was one such example. Through this campaign our intentions were, continuous brand presence and awareness through virtual engagements with prospects as well as key influencers despite the challenges of the pandemic and portray social responsibility by connecting UN SDGs to encouraging students to think about these timely relevant topics at a young age. Digital first mindset, agility and continuous innovation were key elements behind this success story. We are truly proud of this award, and we are thankful for our partner, Enfection, for all the support they extended to make this campaign a success.”

Having taken a leadership role in supporting and promoting best practices in environmental and sustainability reporting in the country, this award is another benchmark set by ACCA, that of nurturing our youth to be the agents of change by mobilizing them to play a key role in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals that will help improve the lives of people and ultimately the health of the planet.


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